We try to walk in The Al Buehler Trail when we have time. Its nature is amazing and the trail is perfect. It is one of the most famous trails in Durham. Therefore, you may want to go there to make your regular exercise.

The Al Buehler Trail is a gravel running and walking course located around the perimeter of the Washington Duke Golf Course. You can see the green golf field and forest on both sides. The Al Buehler Trail loop is just under 3 miles, and it’s a great trail when taken in either direction. Signposts appear at the 1/4 mile and 1k marks. There are several points where you can start, either from the parking lot near the intersection of Erwin Rd and Cameron, or further east, past the entrance to the Washington Duke country club.

If you take the loop in a clockwise direction (opposite the signposts), you’ll cross over a bridge near mile marker 2, and you can take a left at that point to add on the Sally Meyerhoff exercise loop, which is about another 1k to 3/4 mile. There are exercise stations along this loop if you want to test your balance or do some other workouts.

When you return to the Al Buehler Trail, you’ll continue over some mild rises until you near mile marker 1.5, where you climb up a bit, going behind one of the golf tees. The drop back down is even more dramatic and then you’ll cross over two small bridges in rapid succession before reaching the 1-mile marker. From there, it’s a quick jaunt back to the start of the loop and your vehicle.

We shared a post in the last fall season which includes photos of colorful leaves of the forest. At this time, we would like to share the trail during the summer season.

Al Buehler Trail
Al Buehler Trail during fall and summer season