RUN ELIF RUN - Funs and Trips

A lifetime experience in the US, road trips, museums, world cuisines, family activities. Welcome to our blog.


A quick introduction

Hi there. Welcome to the Run Elif Run blog.

My name is Faruk. I have a small lovely family and Elif is my daughter. We are living in North Carolina due to of my graduate education in Economics and Computation at Duke University.

I aim to share my and my family’s experiences in the USA on this webpage. Living in the US for two years during my graduate education is a lifetime experience for us. We want to enjoy every single moment of this experience. 

Elif was 5.5 years old when we came here in August 2020. Although she likes to be here, I think living in a different country and speaking a different language is too challenging for her. I believe that she is a survivor like her father 😉 and she will overcome all of those challenges. Therefore, I called this web blog “Run Elif Run”.

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