American Tobacco Campus is the one of the most important places in Durham. It has a great history, interesting buildings and now lots of coffees and restaurants. We enjoyed the appearance of iconic smokestack, architecture of the old factory, and Lucky Strike Water Tower.

We took our bikes and rode on American Tobacco Trail to reach American Tobacco Campus in Durham. We enjoyed the trail as well as the campus. Due to the pandemic, many of the bars and restaurants are closed nowadays, however it was the center of many events and activities.

History of the American Tobacco District1

This place had been used for tobacco industry from the 1870s to the 1950s. After serving in the Civil War, Washington Duke returned to Durham to establish a family business in tobacco manufacturing. In 1890 Duke & Sons merged with its four major competitors to become The American Tobacco Company. Further storage warehouses and tobacco production facilities were built throughout the early twentieth century, including the Lucky Strike Building (1901-1902) with its iconic smokestack.

Center of Everything Today

Today the American Tobacco Campus includes accommodates sophisticated shops and restaurants, and lots of events and activities. If you are interested in photography, you should also try this place.