North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is a huge museum that you can spend your entire day. The tickets are free and there is a free car parking area at the weekends. The exhibitions were very well presented and interesting. Also the kids can have an awesome time at the discovery laboratory and the interactive displays. They were good about being sure to remind everyone to cover their mouth and nose with masks and had plenty of sanitizer available as well as a bathroom on every floor, we never came within 6 feet of another party and felt very safe throughout our trip despite being in the midst of a pandemic.We will recommend this place to everyone.

What is inside the Museum?

The first floor came straight from the “Melt Down” of Ice age. There were the skeletons of big, really big fish. The second floor included a wide spread of butterflies, snakes, spiders and insects. The third floor had the dinosaurs section. Just Wow! Overall, an outstanding museum.

Nature Research Center

This is a different building than North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. It is opposite of the museum. The Nature Research Center and North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences are connected with a tube tunnel. There is no entrance fee for the research center. We found this place very interesting. There are so many things about science, genes, genomes, space science and natural science.