Elif and I made wooden cranes today. We got all items from the Home Depot as a gift. Thanks so much to the Home Depot for this nice gift. It took almost 3-4 hours to have fun and assembly it. Here is step by step details of assembly:

Step 1

We laid the base down and started with 4 nails.

Step 2

We laid the body down and placed the base top, and we nailed them together.

Step 3

We laid the cab down with the nail holes on top. After we started 2 nails, we placed the cab on top of the front edge of the body.

Step 4

We placed the winch on top of the body with the screw holes matching. After that, we attached them together with the long screw. We slided the winder end of the arm into the cutout in the winch and aligned the holes. We adjusted the short screw so that the arm was not too loose or tight.

Step 5

We slided an axle peg through each wheel. And then, we tapped with a hammer if necessary.

Step 6

We added stickers as shown. Later on, we pushed one end of the string into the hole in the arm and tied a knot. After that, we pushed the other end of the string into the hole in the hook and tied a knot.