Niagara Fall is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It is breathtaking and fascinating. I have seen so many waterfalls in different places in the world for example in Germany, Chile, Ukraine, and Turkey however none of them have not been as fascinated as this one. I think the main reason is that Niagara Falls is very enormous, the flow speed of water is so fast.

You can get more details from Wikipedia or the web page of Niagara Falls State Park about the history and geology.

We watch the falls day and night. Both views are amazing. Especially at night, there is special illumination displaying features color palettes. Thus, I suggest you expand your visit and see the illumination show of the waterfall.

Let’s have look at our 1-day itinerary Niagara Fall visit.

Niagara Falls One Day Itinerary

It was a cloudy and rainy day in June 2021. The temperature was 24 0C. Although the temperature was very useful for a trip, clouds made us feel a little depressive. We began our trip from Harrisburg, PA and it took approximately 6 hours from Harrisburg to Niagara Fall. We had planned our day in Niagara Fall before we arrived there. As you noticed in our posts, we like making detailed plans because we do not want to waste our time during our visit. So, you may see our tight schedule below:

2:00 PMParking Lot 1 $10 per car
2:30 PMObservation Tower
3:00 PMProspect Point
3:30 PMMaid of the Mist Boat Tour$25.25 per person
4:30 PMCave Of The Winds
5:30 PMLuna Island
6:30 PMTerrapin Point
7:30 PMThree Sisters Island
8:00 PMIllumination Show (Night Show)
9:30 PMDeparture
Our tight schedule for Niagara Fall

All of the places at the table are really nice and walkable. They are very close to each other and therefore you do not need to use any transportation vehicle, just good sneakers. I suggested visit all the places at the table because it is a lifetime experience and take millions of photos. However, if you have a limited time, then Observation Tower, Maid of the Mist Boat Tour, Terrapin Point, and Prospect Point should be on your to-does list.

Last but not the least, please be prepared to get wet. Especially the boats directly go into the falls and you can not run away from the water. Therefore you may want to bring extra clothes with you.