I was always curious about Harvard University and its campus. It is my dream university. I like their articles in Harward Business Review. I got a great number of in-person training courses in leadership and management from Harvard professors. So I have admired the quality of education and research of Harvard University. I also applied for the MBA class of 2022 and unfortunately got rejected đŸ˜¦

Anyway, we would like to visit its campus during our Boston visit and show its environment to our daughter, Elif.

The most attractive part of the campus is at which Harvard Business School. So we did not waste our time to see other facilities like medical school or law school and we just focused on visiting Harvard University Athletics Complex, Baker Library | Bloomberg Center, and Harvard Square.

Generally, it has very similar facilities like other essential universities in the US. However, its reputation is extraordinary. For example, while we were in the Baker Library | Bloomberg Center we can feel the prestige and powerful interaction with the business world.

We also enjoy the bunnies on the campus. They are so funny and cute. Elif likes them more than anything on the campus.