This lovely place should be on your must see list for North Carolina. It was closed due to the pandemic. However, it is open nowadays. So we have chance to go there last weekend and see the heaven on earth.

It is a really nice place to visit with your family and friends. They have a variety of different trees, gardens, flowers and plants. They also have couple of lakes/ponds. It’s a great place to spend your weekend. You can also have a picnic there too.

More Info

According to the statistics, more than 600,000 visitors from all over the world visit Sarah P. Duke Gardens annually, enjoying its 55 acres (almost 41 football fields) of specialized gardens in the heart of Duke University. 

The history of the gardens goes back to 1930s. Since that time, Sarah P. Duke Gardens has developed dramatically and beautifully. It now features four distinct areas: the original Terraces and their immediate surroundings.

I hope you may find more valuable info from the original web page of the gardens.