We heard car horns at first and later on saw the crowd and traffic on the wide boulevards between the gigantic skyscrapers. It was the first time that we went outside from the subway station at 33rd street, near Empire State Building in Manhattan.

We are get used to suburban life in North Carolina for a while and liked it a lot. So it was a kind of shock for us to face the crowd and the speedy city life again. Anyway, we were here to visit the Empire State Building and began our first day in Manhattan.

Empire State Building is the 7th tallest building in Manhattan in 2021. It is 381 meters long and has 102 floors. Its fame comes from that it is the first building in the world to contain over 100 floors. It was built in just 13 months during the Great Depression in 1931. It does not have any art design or esthetics like European style buildings have. It is just steel, glasses, and stone. However it is a masterpiece while considering the difficult times of Great Depression.

We did not climb up to the top of the building because our plan was to climbing up to another famous one in front of the Empire State Building and take a photo of Empire State Building. So, we walked around the building and took some nice photos from the ground and had a family chat about the history of this masterpiece.