Elif and I together made a gingerbread house today. She really enjoyed it. We bought a gingerbread house from Walmart. It was $10 and everything is included in the package. There are cookies, icing, tray and decoration candies in the package. 

Preperation Process

First we we removed pre-made icing from kit. Then we kneaded icing pouch for 60 seconds to a soft texture. Here is a useful tip for you: To start the flow of icing, remove the cap and snip the tip to a 1/2″ opening. Bu sure not to cut the opening too large. Your icing is now ready to use.

Second, we lined the four canals of the tray with a strip of icing. We also piped a thick line of icing on front and back panels of the house. Using the tray, we inserted back panel of the house into the canal, then we pressed the side wall up against icing strip. We also repeated with remaining side and front panel. After we completed this part, we piped a thick strip of icing along the roof edges of our house frame. 

Third, we attached the roof panels to the house peaks and hold in place for one minute. Later on, we lined a strip of icing down the middle of the house. We used the roof holder to the panels in place. We waited for almost half an hour prior to decorating our house.

Decorating Process

We used mini beads, gummy trees, snowflake sprinkles, peppermint balls, and mini bellies. We also used 2 types of decorating tips that were in the package.