We spent all day in the National Mall. It was an amazing experience to see the magnificent monuments and lovely cherry blossoms all over the place.

First, to visit National Mall, you need comfortable walking shoes, a full battery phone, and maybe some applications for scooter rent. Those are all you need.

My smartwatch counted more than 20K steps on this day. This was one of the records for me. So we walked through all the historical places and buildings in the area. Here is our plan:

  • 9.30 am – National Mall
    • Lincoln Memorial
    • World War II Memorial
    • Washington Monument
    • The President’s Park
    • The White House
    • Thomas Jefferson Memorial
    • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
    • Tidal Basin Walking Tour
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
    • Smithsonian Castle
    • Union Square
    • United States Capitol
  • 7.00 pm – Georgetown University
  • 7.30 pm – Georgetown Waterfront Park
  • 9.30 pm – Adams Morgan
  • 10.00 pm – Night tour on 18th St NW

Now we can look at some of them step by step.

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial is one of the most famous memorials in this place. When you reach the top of all stairs you can see the statue of President Abraham Lincoln sitting on the armchair. We took a great number of photos here. We also took some photos with the column of North Carolina State too.

Washington Monument

It is in the middle of everything. Literally everything. On one side there is the White House. Another side is US Capitol and on the other side, there is Lincoln Monument and all the federal buildings. The monument is also visible from everywhere because it is too high and there no big buildings around it. We spend a quite long time around this landmark. We ate our food from the food trucks on 14th Street.

Food trucks on 14th Street

While we were walking around we felt that we got hungry. Therefore we decided to taste famous street foods on 14ts Street. On the street, there were a great number of food trucks selling different kinds of foods such as Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, and more. We ordered some Mediterranean food, ice cream, smoothie and ate them in front of the Smithsonian Castle.