Our last day in Miami, we visited the North Beach that was less crowded than the South Beach. While we were going to the North Beach, we saw the luxury residents and neighborhoods of the island which was amused us. Luckily, it was sunny and the ocean was not wavy. Therefore, we could swim for hours. Additionally, Elif found a friend and played with her in sands and water.

After swimming on North Beach, we began to our trip to turn back home. Because it was a long trip from Miami to Chapel Hill, we decided stay one night in Jacksonville. Thanks to the rewards of Hotels.com (1 night reward for 10 nights booking) we booked our hotel in Jacksonville in an affordable price.  

1. Activities

2. Accommodation

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Jacksonville South I-295 (Our score is 9/10)

11262 Old Saint Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32257

3. Daily Expenditures

$ 3.35 – Car parking fee for Miami Beach 

$ 16.64 – Food and beverages  

$ 25.72 – Gasoline  

$ 18.45 – Hotel (Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Jacksonville South I-295)


$ 64.16

4. The Route