NASA has fantastic facility that all space missions are conducted in Orlando. We spent entire day in Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Remember, due to the the pandemic some exhibitions and simulations were closed. Therefore, there were only limited activities in the complex.

It’s a must see place for anyone visiting and locals alike! An outdoor garden of rockets, astronaut hall of fame, numerous shows/talks covering a bunch of topics, Atlantis space shuttle on display, a rocket launch simulation and more! So much history from here don’t miss out on visiting! Bus tours were not running at the moment due to COVID and they took you behind the gates of NASA to the launch pads etc.

Our favorite exhibit was the Atlantis. There were the actual space shuttle Atlantis on display as well as recovered pieces from the Challenger and the Columbia. We nearly cried when we saw these.
Both kids and adults will have so much to see and experience there.

After the refreshment in NASA complex, our next stop was International Drive at the evening. It is the center of world-class attractions, entertainment, dining and shopping fun for the entire family.

1. Activities

2. Accommodation

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Orlando Airport (Our score is 9/10) 
5828 Hazeltine National Dr, Orlando, FL 32822

3. Daily Expenditures

$ 178.26 – Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex 

$ 10.00 – Car parking fee at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex 

$ 64.08 – Hotel (SpringHill Suites by Marriott Orlando Airport) 

$ 10.00 – Car parking fee of the hotel


$ 262.34

4. The Route