Zoos are the most exciting places for children. Therefore, we went to the North Carolina Zoo on December 15. Although, it was a bit cold, Elif and all of us spent amazing time there


It took almost 1 hour and 15 minutes from Chapel Hill to the North Carolina Zoo by car. It was a all day event. Thereby, we went there on the morning and left nearly 4 pm. To visit entire places, we needed to walk 10,000 feet. Remember, it is the World’s largest natural habitat zoo. Thus, you need to walk a lot and need all day.

About the Zoo

According to the Zoo, there were 1,800 animals and 52,000 plants throughout our 500-acre conservation park. There were two main places in the Zoo. One of them is Africa and the other one is North America. You can walk from Africa’s grasslands to North America’s Arctic coast.

Some places were closed because of the pandemic and season

Unfortunately, we could not visit some places because of the pandemic. For example, indoor habitats (Seabirds, Polar Bear Ice Cave and Streamside), Keeper Talks and Animal Feeding Times, Tram Services in Africa, and Baboon Habitat was closed for renovations. We could not visit bee house too because of the winter conditions.
However, we enjoyed rest of it. Lions, polar bear, seals, arctic foxes, desert animals… Here are some photos from that moments: