What types of activities make you feel peaceful or free? Indoor or outdoor? Individual or team activities…?
I feel peaceful or free while I am riding a bike. Due to the crowded cities and traffic jam biking is a big issue in my homeland. However, it is an ordinary daily activity in Chapel Hill. Therefore, as soon as we came here, we bought three bikes for Aysegul, Elif, and me.

Can we ride bike together?

I mentioned before that Elif is a tough girl and she is a survivor. She learned two-wheel cycling when she was 5 years old. Thus, we can hang out together during long-distance biking. 

Numbers of alternatives for bikers

Here in Chapel Hill, we have fantastic options for biking. Although the US is relatively not biking friendly as Europe, I think our location is nice for that. We have nice trails here. One of the most famous trails is the American Tobacco Trail that is 45 miles long. Another option is Bolin Creek Trail between Community Park in Chapel Hill and Umstead Park. Both of them are marvelous. You can ride your bike among oak trees and follow the small rivers and make your picnic at some points. Sometimes, Elif pets the fishes in the river and it makes her very happy. Similarly, Aysegul has great friends such as squirrels and deer. She likes to pet animals too. 

From August to December we cycled approximately 100 miles (160 km). Yeah, I know it is too much but we rock it.