Projects, midterm exams, homework, assignments, reading papers, term papers, more homework, more problem sets…

This was a snapshot of the life of a graduate student during the semester. In the middle of the first semester, Aysegul, Elif and I were too bored with these tasks. Therefore, we decided to go to the North Carolina State Farmers Public Market in Raleigh. 

I heard about that place from my advisor. That was a nice place to see how the local markets look like. We spent an amazing time there and bought some local food. 

We went there three weeks before Halloween. That was the reason why we saw thousands of pumpkins. So here are some facts and details about our experiences:

Local Fruits and Vegetables

The farmer market is established every Saturday. You can find there a great number of fruits, vegetables, foods, and flowers. When we were there we bought muscadine grapes that were the Aysegul’s one of the favorite fruits. We also bought chestnuts that Elif and I like it so much. In our homeland, we are used to local markets and bazaars. Thereby, the Raleigh farmer market made us feel at home. Here are some photos and facts about the marketplace.