Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington NC is one of the best beaches on the East Coast. It is a long sandy and sunny beach. In September 2020, we made a daily trip from Chapel Hill to Wilmington with our friends. That was an amazing experience. Our kids played whatever they wanted for hours. 

The Road Trip

We began our trip at 7 AM on a sunny Sunday morning. Although the distance is not too long it took approximately three hours from Chapel Hill, because we visited Duplin County Rest Area on I-40. It was a nice and huge rest area with green views and picnic tables. Thanks to the girls who prepared sandwiches, cake, and tea we all had a great picnic there.

Car Parking Problem

If you go to Wrightsville Beach on a sunny Sunday, you should know that you will face a car-parking problem. When we arrived at the beach, the parking lots were full and we needed lots of time to find an empty parking lot. It was not only crowded but also expensive. It took $5 per hour and if you pay $25, you can stay the whole day.

The Beach

Here are the pros and cons of the beach:


1. Sand was really amazing. It was soft and tiny like play-dough. Our children loved it. 

2. The ocean was warm even it was September. I mean really warm.


1. The ocean was too wavy. There were huge waves that made it impossible to swim in the water. 

2. Local people told us that sometimes there were shark attacks. Luckily, we did not face such a bad experience.