Your kids will love to visit the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. It can be an all-day event.

The administration of the museum made big changes to help protect the health and safety of our guests.

I took tickets from the online store of the museum and made an appointment. The location of the museum is in the city center of Durham. There was a free car parking area in front of the museum.

Activities in the museum

Although there were a great number of activities, our daughter, Elif, liked to play with sands. Firstly, we visited the main building of the museum. We saw some science facts and aerospace tools and there. There was also a space ship. Next, we went to the butterfly house. There were colorful and friendly butterflies in this place. Some of them came to our hands to show their beautiful colors. Then we experienced Ellerbe Creek Railway to explore the entire area. The train of Ellerbe Creek Railway was for kids to entertain them and show them some dinosaurs. After the train, we walked to the dinosaurs trail and saw dinosaurs’ models. Later on, we visited the small zoo to see lemurs, bears, and wolves. After we ate our lunch, we continued with the “Earth Moves” that contained sand, a waterfall, and thousands of rocks and stones to play with. Elif spent almost 2 hours there. She played with stones, sands, and water. This part of the museum was very famous and kids preferred this area than others. After this place, we visited the farmhouse to see farm animals and the hideaway woods park. When it was almost 5 PM, the staff told us that they would close the museum.