First three days we visited lots of important locations in Kiev. Now we changed the concept a little bit. Therefore, today we planned to go outside of the town to see the traditional life of Ukranian people.

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral

While we were going to National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine we visited St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral. The majestic and mysterious in its architecture, the St. Nicholas Cathedral cannot but cause sincere delight. We admired its intricate patterns for hours, penetrating deep into the centuries. It is a Roman Catholic Cathedral dedicated to Saint Nicholas. Since 1980, the House of Chamber and Organ Music has been located in its building.

National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine (Pirogovo)

When we arrived at National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine, we rented three bikes to ride and see around. Renting a bike is a good options because the museum is the largest museum in Ukraine situated on 150 hectares big area. It is an open air museum including a real immersion in the coloring of the Ukrainian village. Here we could feel the “soul” of Ukrainian people. The huts, the oldest of which is dated to 1587 are filled with samples of household items, clothing, icons. There were modern craftsmen reviving traditional crafts according to old traditions in the museum. We enjoyed historic scenery as well as the living spirit of hard working and fun having Ukrainian people. We also had a chance to make a picnic in this area. When we completed to visit entire places, we were too tired. Therefore we did not want to go to our next stop, Feofaniya Park.

Mama Manana Restaurant

When we arrived the town center we were too hungry. We ate our dinner at Mama Manana Restaurant that serves you delicious Georgian food. I believe that you should definitely try this if you visit Kiev. After the dinner we went shopping in Mandarin Plaza and Metrograd Underground Shopping Mall.